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This site contains my reminiscences and dilettantish musings and reflections on assorted subjects. Specialization is for insects!

I am 84 and retired in 2005. At my age you should avoid starting a sentence with "I remember...". However, I've got my own niche, and if that happens to attract only twelve readers, so what? It's mine. (Quoted from PZ Myers.)

  • I was born in Dresden, Germany in 1940. German father, Swedish mother. Living in Sweden since 1944. Technically, this makes me an immigrant. More significantly, it saved me from burning in the fire storm of February 1945.
  • I have an M.S. in engineering physics and have worked as a space engineer at Swedish Space Corporation in Stockholm during my entire professional life. - It is not true what they say, that engineers are boring. We just tend to be interested in boring things!
  • Spent one year as a graduate student at Stanford in the "flower power" year of 1966-67.
  • Finally gave up bachelorhood in 1992 when I married Araguacema Valente from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. We have two children born in 1993 and 1996. They carry Swedish, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese genes. Araguacema also has a grown-up daughter who is married and lives in Egypt.
  • Have made more than 200 trips to Paris in the line of duty.
  • No one in my family has reached greater heights, nor descended to lower depths. (Alas, this is only literally true: I have flown on the Concorde, climbed in the Alps, dived in the South Sea.)
  • Swedish school champion of chess in 1957. Now just an average player on the Internet Chess Club. (Nom de guerre: "Sueco".)

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