Lincoln's first inaugural speech. Contrary to popular belief, at least in Sweden, he actually undertook not to interfere with slavery, and even to return escaped slaves. But there were reasons for this...
My grandfather's autobiography
1864 - 1927.
- In German.
My paternal grandfather Walther Zenker (1864 - 1932) was a prominent church dean in Saxony. Lots of theology but also interesting from a historical point of view.
Nessi's war diary from WW I. - In German.
Agnes Kiendl née Zenker (1900-1991) was my father's cousin. She wrote this diary as a young girl. It reflects the prevailing attitudes at the time (not just in Germany). Depressing to read. Highly relevant to our own times, and to understanding the roots of WW II.
The destruction of Dresden 1945. How the bombing of Dresden affected our family, with letters (in German) and a link to an eyewitness account. Also the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche, completed in 2005.

Toynbee, A Study of History
Koestler, Darkness at Noon

I have written comments on a number of books that I found memorable ("hard to put down") under the menu heading of "Books". Some of them are also listed here.
Complete history books - in Swedish I have scanned several 19th century Swedish history books. They may be outdated in their values and judgments (hero worship etc.), but they contain lots of factual information, now searchable on the Web.
July 1, 1916. My musings about the Great War.
Letters 1786-1793 from G.W. af Sillén to his son Gustaf - mostly in French G.W. af Sillén was a distant relative of mine. His son Gustaf studied architecture in Rome 1788-1793. Two other sons participated in the Russo-Swedish war 1788-1790.

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